What do the abbreviations on the website mean?



In fact, the short description of abbreviations is available behind the question mark next to the column name.

Results are currently displayed from a position of home team.

Specifically, if you see:

W (win), there is displayed the probability of winning the home team (home team is the team named as the first one in the match).

D (draw) means the probability of draw (tie). The same number of goals will be scored by each team.

L (loss) means the probability of a loss of the home team (and the win of the away team. Away team is the team displayed as the second team in the given match).

WO is the probability of a win (for home team) in overtime, LO is the probability of loss (of the home team) in overtime.

For instance, if you bet on a 1×2 ticket, W represents 1; L represents 2; and D (or WO + LO) represents X.

OT = overtime

Moreover, currently we provide predictions from 6 models that can be seen by clicking the Show details button on the Predicted Results page:




Performance indicator shows the success of the betting tip (if at least three models (out of six) picked the right winner).

In addition, currently we provide results from 6 models that can be seen by clicking the Show details button on the Last Events Results page:



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